Better Sleep for the Whole Family

The Sleepy Head Programme - personalised plans and one to one support to guide your family to sleep better.

Sleeping is one of our primary needs. I believe that your whole family deserves a goodnight’s rest.

The philosophy of the Sleepy Head Programme is about providing reassurance and confidence to your baby so that they may find their own way to sleeping peacefully. We provide parents with the tools to learn and understand how their baby sleeps. A personalised programme to guide you in this process as every baby is unique.

The Programme aims to help you and your baby achieve

- Better Naps
- Easier Settling
- Better Night Sleep
- A Happier and well rested Baby & Family
Happy parents

How does it work?

Every family and every baby are unique and we will find the solution that works best for you.

Complete a minimum of three-day sleep diary prior to our consultation.


A 1 hr consultation over video conference or home visit where we will analyse your struggle, discuss your current routine and understand what are your needs and adjustments that need to be made.


You will receive a fully personalised sleep programme with everything we discussed and a plan to get your baby to a peaceful sleep.


We will agree how I can best support you and your baby on your sleep journey.

The Sleepy Head Consultations

Free 15 min consultation

Not sure if Sleepy Head is for you? We can have a 15 min chat to talk through how it works and see if I can help your situation.

1 hour consultation

Consultation would last about 1hr, especially the first time so we can really get to know each other and understand what would work for you. They can be done on virtually or in the clinic.

New born consultation

If you just had a newborn, congratulations! I offer consultations specially designed for you and the formative first few weeks of for your little one.

Home visit consultation

If you would prefer for me to come to your house, we can arrange that too.

Follow up consultation

Once we have established our relationship, we can then have follow up sessions or calls to help improve any areas you’re struggling with.

Olivia works closely with an excellent team of paediatric professionals from breastfeeding consultants to Paediatricians and via this network is able to offer you the full support on your journey.
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