Osteopathy for babies & toddlers

— Babies
— Young children
Osteopathic techniques are suitable for children of all ages, with gentle treatments such as cranio-sacral techniques.


Your baby’s arrival into this world can be a stressful experience, putting pressure on all the muscles, ligaments and joints and many also suffer the use of forceps or ventouse in their delivery. But whether your child has a natural or a caesarian arrival into the world, using gentle osteopathic techniques may help alleviate some of this discomfort. Olivia aims to restore the normal movement in the whole body which in turn may help sooth and relax your new arrival into feeding and sleeping patterns that may benefit the whole family.

– Cranio-sacral treatment
– Gentle massage

Toddlers & young children

Your child’s early years can be quite challenging as their bodies grow and develop quickly. Many parents seek osteopathic treatment to help maintain a healthy balance and relieve tensions and pressures in the child’s body.
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