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Osteopathy for women

— Pregnancy
— Pelvic floor
Olivia provides the latest care and treatments when it comes to women’s health and is a fully qualified pelvic floor rehabilitation therapist from the De Gasquet Institute in Paris.


During pregnancy the body undergoes hormonal changes affecting the musculoskeletal systems beyond the flexibility in the pelvis required in preparation for labour. The changes in posture that occur often cause discomfort or pain. Throughout your pregnancy, and in the important post-natal period when your body is recovering, osteopathy can help manage the changes with gentle specially adapted treatments.

– Prenatal care
– Pelvis and back pain
– Digestion problems
– Circulation issues

Pelvic floor

Olivia has studied under the De Gasquet Institute in Paris to qualify as a pelvic floor rehabilitation therapist and to develop her expertise in female physiology and biomechanics.  Her extensive knowledge of anatomy and movement in this highly specialised area allow her to provide the best care tailored for women following birth.

Women often visit osteopaths for:
– Chronic Pelvic Pain
– Sexual Discomfort & Pain
– Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
– Pelvic Girdle Pain
– Women’s Health Check Up
– Abdominal Reconditioning
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