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Olivia de Maigret is a fully qualified and registered osteopath based in central London with private clinics in Marylebone, Belgravia & Kensington. Her talent for diagnosing real underlying problems and not simply treating symptoms is the key to her success.

About Olivia
Her talent for diagnosing real underlying problems and not simply treating symptoms are the key to her success. Patient care is paramount, listening and understanding the causes of pain or discomfort allow her to successfully resolve issues.

Osteopathy for everyone

— Health & well-being
— Sport & performance

Many patients come to Olivia with pain, discomfort or existing sports injuries. The holistic approach of Osteopathy, taking into account the functioning of all the systems of the body as well as the musculoskeletal stem, aims to restore the patient to full balance. Olivia will boost your energy levels and wellbeing, relieve pain and discomfort and maximise your performance.
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Osteopathy for women

— Pregnancy
— Pelvic floor

Osteopathy for women refers to the pregnancy care, both prenatal and postnatal, as well as gynaecological matters. Olivia provides the latest care and treatments when it comes to Women’s health and is a fully qualified pelvic floor rehabilitation therapist from the De Gasquet Institute in Paris.
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Osteopathy for babies & toddlers

— Babies
— Young children

Osteopathic techniques are suitable for children of all ages, with gentle treatments such as cranio-sacral techniques.

Danny – Xtend Barre London Head of Operations
"Olivia’s attention to detail and ability to diagnose together with the appropriate correction techniques was exemplary. She also provided me with an array of exercises to prevent any future injuries. I highly recommend her services!"

Greta – Xtend Barre Instructor
"I walked out of the session feeling taller, more relaxed and honestly a better version of me. Having seen many therapists in the past, Olivia's focus on the total wellbeing of the whole body (and mind) stands her apart from the rest. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to family and friends!"

Gabrielle – Head of Marketing
"Following a surgery, I sought an osteopath to help with my upper back and shoulder mobility. Through a friend, I found Olivia and have since been working with her for over two years. She is never short of professional and always takes time to understand the background of the individual before each session. Treatment with Olivia has allowed me to be more confident in my posture and has helped me better manage stress and anxiety."

Julien – Entrepreneur & Founder of Made.com
"Olivia is a fantastic osteopath. She has taken care of me for the last 3 years and always been there to coach me both physically and mentally. She's a great listener as well as very skilled and knowledgable. I haven't always been the most focused patient while managing my ironman training and a busy job at the same time however, with Olivia's help and guidance I've managed to make a success of both."

Saskia – Yoga Master
"Olivia has the gift of being able to pinpoint precisely the problem in ones body. She has not only been effective and sensitive in working with my spinal injuries but her knowledge and professional approach have also served to put me completely at ease in my treatments with her"

Laure – Head of Marketing
"Olivia has a holistic approach to her practice that goes beyond just the symptoms you share with her. She explores, identifies and treats with professionalism and know how. She even helped my 5 day old baby who could not stop crying and finally slept for 4 hours after seeing her. Olivia is the person I keep recommending each time someone is in pain around me"

Alexandra – PWC Account Director
"She is approachable, easy to talk to, efficient and down-to-earth. I very much appreciate her practical, solution driven approach when treating me, not only looking where the pain is but how the entire body works. It works for me. And she did not try to sell me unnecessary appointments. She helped me trough my all pregnancy. I recommended Olivia to one of my friends who had a shoulder pain. After a few appointments, the pain was gone."

Carla – Marathon Runner
"Having an injury a two months before running a marathon and after months of hard training seemed like the end of the world at the time. But no!! Olivia helped me recover fast and easily. Even after the first session I was back in full training mode. Her treatment helped me get back in shape immediately but more importantly, it also helped learn how to work with my body before and during the marathon. I managed to finish it very happily and feeling great! Thanks Olivia, you helped me with this important achievement!"

Alex – Personal Trainer
"I went to see Olivia originally regarding tension in my neck and shoulders. On our initial session she did an assessment of my posture and identified all areas of imbalance, this I found to be very reassuring as she immediately was able to see what problem areas I had and did so in a very efficient and professional manner. In terms of treatment she seems to be able to get to the source of the problem really quickly and I found after just two sessions that I felt better. Overall I find Olivia very knowledgeable and experienced and feel completely comfortable being treated by her."

Nina – Dance Teacher
"I am a dancer and ballet teacher and I came to Olivia with a lower back injury. I was worried about anyone even touching my back as it was so painful. As soon as Olivia started the treatment, however, I felt in safe and confident hands. It is obvious to me that she cares deeply about what she does and about who is in front of her, too. In my opinion, she somehow managed to achieve more in that one hour, than most practitioners would in several sessions. It was simply an amazing treatment and I walked out of there feeling painfree and so grateful. Olivia works wonders! Thank you."

Alex – Mother of newborn Antoine
"Olivia met my son when he was 5 weeks old. Following her work on him (cranial osteopathy and work on his belly), he was calmer, more serene, and slept through the night the following night. My husband and I were speechless. I appreciate Olivia’s practical, goal driven and gentle approach on babies."

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