Osteopathy for everyone

— Health & well-being
— Sport & performance
Olivia may help boost your energy levels and well-being, relieve pain or discomfort and help maximise your performance.

Health &

Many of us suffer from aches and pains related to a sedentary work environment, high stress levels and sleepless nights. Osteopathy may allow you to continue your daily life, and to cope with all the pressure and strains placed on your body by the busy modern world. A well-balanced body will help improve your general health and well-being.

– Relief from pain and discomfort
– Common issues such as back pain
– Increased energy levels
– Posture improvement

Sport & performance

For many years professional athletes, artists and performers have worked closely with osteopaths to maximise their performance. Some patients require treatment to prevent recurrent injuries or those associated with sport and exercise. Whether you dance, run marathons, play tennis, football or golf, osteopathy will help you stay fit and active for longer, allowing you to reach your own personal goals. In fact, whatever our sporting goals, we should all take care to maintain a well-balanced body to prevent injuries.

More and more of us are continuing to practise the sports we love into middle age and beyond. As we push ourselves ever harder, the body struggles to cope with the ongoing strain of exercise. Osteopathy will help by minimising the impact of your exercise regime, faster recovery time following injury and generally keep you fit and active for longer.

– Sports injuries
– Recurring injury prevention
– Pain management
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